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Want to share your perspectives on public policy?


Become a Carleton Perspectives on Public Policy blogger!

If you’re an SPPA MA in Public AdministrationMA in Sustainable Energy Policy, or Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership student or alumnus, you are invited to contribute to the new Carleton Perspectives on Public Policy blog.

The new blog is meant to provide more ways for you to share your perspectives on topical public policy and public management issues. Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • 400-1000 words maximum;
  • Blogs about timely topics relevant to Canada (this may relate to academic research that you are currently undertaking, external policy work that you are conducting, a response to a new government policy or report being discussed in the media, etc.)
  • Short format versions of academic work;
  • Evidence-based opinions and analyses of current public policy issues relevant to Canada;
  • Analyses and critiques of Carleton speaker series or related public policy events.

Blog posts will be reviewed by our editorial team and accepted based on quality of writing and relevance. Check out our Blogging Tips and Tricks to help you get started.

Any questions? Get in touch with Andrew Seto, Editor-in-Chief, Carleton Perspectives on Public Policy, at cpopp@carletonperspectives.com

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