What is the deadline to submit a paper for consideration?

Papers must be submitted to Andrew Seto at cpopp@carletonperspectives.com by January 23, 2017. Please make the file name of your submission “[YourName]_CPoPP” and do not include your name anywhere on the paper itself.

How does CPoPP select papers?

Papers can be nominated by professors from the School of Public Policy and Administration, or students can self-nominate. If the paper is self-nominated, it is strongly recommended that students seek professor feedback prior to submission. Papers are considered for publication through a double-blind peer review process. Associate Editors read and review nominated papers and determine which submissions should move on to the next round of evaluation. The journal also recruits PhD students, alumni, and professionals who work in public policy to engage as external reviewers in a second review process. The Editorial Board then comes together with Senior Editors to determine which papers will be published based on Associate Editor and External Reviewer feedback. Once final submissions have been selected, Senior Editors work one-on-one with authors to edit papers for publication.

Selection Criteria:

  • Quality, clarity and originality of arguments
  • Writing style
  • Relevance to current policy issues

Submission Guidelines:

  • All papers should be between 15 to 20 pages in length
  • All submissions are subject to editing and revision

How can I get involved in the production of the Carleton Perspectives on Public Policy journal?

CPoPP relies on the hard work and support of students, alumni and other affiliates of the School of Public Policy and Adminsitration.

Associate Editors recruitment is open to all graduate students in the School of Public Policy and Administration and takes place annually in January. Senior Editors are selected from the pool of Associate Editors in mid-February.

Alumni and policy professionals are an important component of our review process. If you would like more information or are interested in getting involved, please contact us.

How can I get my work published in the CPoPP journal?

We rely on professors and students to nominate the strongest papers written in the past calendar  year. The CPoPP executive sends reminders to professors throughout the year to nominate the best quality papers from the past three academic terms. Students are encouraged to talk to seek feedback from professors if they would like their work to be considered for nomination.

How can I get my work published in the CPoPP Blog?

We are currently developing our blog. Please see here for more information.

How is CPoPP financed?

CPoPP receives generous support from Carleton, the School of Public Policy and Administration and other groups and organizations within the public policy community. For a complete list of sponsors for the current issue, please see here. Interested in supporting our endeavour? Contact us!

What are the CPoPP Editorial Board’s responsibilities?

A  summary of the Editorial Board responsibilities are as follows:

Editor-in-Chief: Oversees the entire review and production process and manages the executive team.
Managing Editor: Coordinates associate editors and authors throughout the editorial process.
Finance Manager: Oversees finances, monitors the journal’s budget and seeks support from community partners.
Communications and Events Manager: Manages external communications for the journal and leads the coordination of the public journal launch event.
Productions: Oversees the production process for the journal and the blog.